Sunday, October 26, 2008

Almost ready!

I have 5 weeks left almost 4! I can hardly believe it! I think I am ready for the little guy other then the name! We have narrowed it down to Jaxton Jace Briggs and JaKobe Jace Briggs. To be honest though we are not even sure if we love those names either! I guess we will have to see him! If you have any creative ideas feel free to let me know. I have thought of names since I was little girl and the day that I actual can use one I can't decide on ONE! I had a vote at my shower and Jaxton won! So now I will do a vote on here and if you want to give a suggestion that works too! Anything will help!


The Finches said...

He's almost here!! I bet you cant wait!!! I love the name Jaxton but I also really like Jaxon, just an x no t?? Hmm.. lets see Im partial to the name Jacobi too because my mom was going to name me that:)I think its super cute and different. Sorry I wasnt much help because I love them both haha. You should post a belly pic!

cortnieb said...

SO whitney..this us Bobbi's sister again!! She gave me your email address but I have now lost it! I am being induced on Tuesday cause she is HUGE and I have High Blood Pressure....if you have your baby before then I may just shoot myself! Soo email me with your email address and I can send you an invite to our blog!

The Olaveson's said...

Good luck with everything! You will be a great mom. I'm sure you're ready for him to get here. I'm excited to see what you name him! I have a gift for you, so hopefully I'll get it to you before he gets here. It's so nice to keep up with everyone through blogging! Keep in touch.


Leslie and Tyson said...

how is maternity leave? you lucky girl!