Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Sport'n Green

The things you get excited about with your first baby! I saw this St Patrick day onesie and I had to have it for little Jaxton. That day when Jace was heading out the door for school I realized that he had no green on and I thought I would let him in on the tradition of St. Patricks day,(as if he didn't know). I was concerned that he would get pinched if he went to class without green. He looked at me with this annoyed look on his face and said, "Whitney they don't pinch in College, that was in Junior High." Sometimes I think Jace thinks he lives with two kids cuz of how much I love all the corny holidays and traditions through the year. It just makes life a little bit more interesting. The picture with both Jaxton and I shows how much Jace was making fun of us as he was taking it. We were both laughing!


Hobley said...

whitney you look so pretty! your hair is getting long! what a cute mom you are

Denae said...

Jayden has that same onesie. Funny! Tell Jace that I like all the corny holidays, too. I get my kids different shirts for every holiday. You're such a cute mom!