Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Go Mustangs!

My sister Lundyn plays Volleyball for the Western Wyoming Mustangs. I have never been able to watch her because of the distance and because of having Jaxton. This last weekend they were playing a tournament in Pocatello so Jaxton and I went to watch her with my family. The Ellsworths were there too to support Lundyn and we all had a great time! Lundyn is really good and has made alot of great friends from Volleyball! It was great to see her! I miss having her around but I am glad she is in a place that she loves!
Sorry the pictures are all fuzzy....I need a new camera!

Lundyn and Kayla Ellsworth

Ellsworth Girls

Mom and Dad

Just for fun ....heres aother cute picture of Jaxton


Cody and Jill said...

that is great she is doing so good with Volleyball and that Ellsworth Family aren't they are all so wonderful what a fun time and Jaxon is looking still cute as ever!!

Leslie and Tyson said...

Hey Whit! It was good to see you today! You look great! Hopefully we can stay in touch better! Our boys would be great friends!! ha