Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Weekend

I am stealing some pictures from Lindsey and Torys blog for my family and friends that dont know them. On Friday Jace, Jaxton and I went to visit Brad's gravesite (Jace's dad). This year was really neat because we had Jaxton and then Lindsey and Tory were also there with Brionni. While we were there I couldn't help but be a little emotional watching the two babies next to there grandpa's grave. I am sure that he loves them so much! It will be a great day when we can all be united again! I am grateful for the knowledge that Families are Forever!

Also this weekend we went to my parents cabin. I realized once we got there that I had forgotten my camera so I only have one picture that Jace took of his phone. I love this picture because of the pink blanket and how interested Jaxton was in the fire. Jace had to work most the weekend so we werent there very long but we rode 4 wheelers, watched Pirates of the Carribean, and played pool! I am sure we will go again this summer and next time I wont forget my camera. My dad has worked really hard on the cabin and I think it is beautiful so I will for sure get some pics.

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Deets Family said...

WOW!! He is so stinking cute, and you look amazing (little marathon runner!!) Good for you I wished I had more motivation!?! Are you working or just staying home? I hope everything is going good, and it was good to hear from you.