Saturday, August 29, 2009

Last Family Reunion for the Year

Last Saturday we had a family reunion at my Great Grandmas house. It is always nice to see family when its been awhile! My grandma lives on a little farm so I decided to take some pictures of Reigan around her land. I got a new camera which makes my pictures so clear and look so much better. Also there is some pictures of Jaxton playing with all his cousins!

The one and only Dayton!


Cody and Jill said...

Oh man if Family reuions are over that means summer is alomst over

ACDC said...

You look so good, and jaxton is getting SO SO big!! We are excited to see you guys in few months!!

Deets Family said...

I can't believe how big Jaxton is getting!!! You and your sister look identical!!! It is crazy. How are things going? Are you still headed to Denver?

Kelli said...

You guys are so great! What a cute family.

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I hope you're doing well!!