Thursday, November 19, 2009

"There is a God"

I heard this song a couple days ago and I love it! It's called "There is a God" by Lee Ann Womack. I am grateful for the knowledge of a God and the tender mercies He gives all of us.
Also I think the song is fitting for the month of November. So much to be thankful for!

Also this is one of my favorite pictures. I want to put in Jaxtons room someday! I hope Jaxton will always stay close to his Heavenly Father. As he grows I know that he will need Him more then anything in this crazy world. I hope that often he will sit down and have a conversation with his Father in Heaven.


Doug and McKensie said...

LOVE IT 2! I've never seen that pic before. LOVE that also! :) You are such a doll & we are gonna miss you guys so much when you move! Oh yeah, I got movie times if you still wanna go w/... txt & let me know. Have a good day.

Tory and Lindsey said...

What a great song whit! I have never heard it thanks for sharing! Cant wait to see you guys and Jaxton next week miss ya!

Shane & Torey said...

hey thanks for sharing the awesome song... i've never heard it... how are you doing?

Brittney & Zach Lundgreen said...

i love that picture