Sunday, December 6, 2009

What a Night!

Jace and I had quite the experience last night! This last summer we ate at the Bubbas in Jackson Hole. We were so impressed with the food and service. We walked in and they brought us our drinks and ordered our food within the first 5 minutes and then maybe 10-15 minutes later we had our food. We were really impressed not only about the serive but the food was great! So, last night we decided to try the Bubbas in Idaho Falls. We walked in and sat down and waited 15 minutes to get our drinks ordered and then another 10 minutes to order our food. Well Jace ordered the ribs with fries and mashed potatoes (I know lots of potatoes) and then I ordered the coutry fried steak with mashed potatoes and salad. The waitress walks away and about 5 minutes later she tells me they dont have country fried steak so I order the grilled chicken and she walks away again. Another 5 minutes passes and she come back to tell me that they dont have grilled chicken so with a little frustration I order chicken strips. At that point she feels bad and gives us free drinks because we ordered water at the first. We felt that, that was nice and just were anxious to get our food and go home. Then another 5 minutes go by and she comes back to us to tell us they dont have mashed potatoes. At this point we almost left but we had been there for nearly an hour and didnt want to go somewhere else and wait again. The waitress felt so bad by that point that she just gave us the meal for FREE! The food came and it was still good but definately not what we planned on eating but all in all it was FREE so we left feeling GOOD! Jace (the penny pincher) said that if he would of known that we would have to wait and hour but that it would be FREE he would of done it all over again! I am not so sure!

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