Saturday, March 6, 2010

"Feels like home"

Today was a beautiful day in Denver and so we decided to take a drive to the mountains. Even with a little bit of car sickness and a fussy 14 month old we all enjoyed it. Jaxton loved running around and touching the snow and we loved the open space of the mountains. It felt a lot like home!!


You gotta love Jaxton's huge hat and gloves!!


L. Ann Photography said...

ah so pretty there! COME HOME!!! I miss talkin to you and you being such a great listener! I need a whit fix super bad... ha ha! miss ya!

Doug and McKensie said...

Hey sweetie! Looks like things are going good for you guys. Jaxton is as cute as ever! :) I had to tell you that Hazen asked about you the other day. He also told me he wanted you to cut his hair cuz I told him he was needing another hair cut. Ha ha... He's so funny. Love & miss ya.

Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

it looks so pretty there in Denver i would like to live there!!! call me sometime we need to catchup!!!