Sunday, June 6, 2010

Birthday Bash!

 Today we spent the day with family celebrating two birthdays. First we went over to my parents for my dads birthday and had dinner and sugar cookies. We were suppose to have ice cream cake but my sister put the cake in the refrigerator so it was a little runny. Luckily my grandma brought sugar cookies over and so we enjoyed them instead.



Just for fun I wanted to share a few fun memories I had with my dad....When I was about 14 he made me put some old blue coveralls on so that I could learn how to change the oil in the old truck. I thought I was the coolest girl ever because I knew how to change oil. Another memory was right after I had gotten my drivers license my dad wanted me to learn how to drive a truck and trailer so I could clean his job sites. So, he hooked the trailer onto the old manual truck and said "You'll figure it out!" and with a lot of frustration and a few scary moments I finally did figure it out! And one last memory that I have of him  was when I went to work with him in Dubois and he took me out to lunch and taught me how to act on a date. This was something I never forgot about and thought about every time I went on a date.  I am so thankful that he spent time to teach me these things and for always loving me unconditionally!! I love you dad and I am so grateful to get to have you as my dad!


Then we went over to my inlaws and celebrated Jace's brother Marc's birthday. Marc's actual birthday was a week or so ago but with Memorial weekend we couldn't have cake and ice cream until today.  We love Marc and we couldn't say a bad thing about him. He is such a great guy!


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