Tuesday, July 7, 2009


About 2 weeks ago we went to the Killiam reunion (Jace's side) Every year they get together for a weekend of camping. This year most of the families came a couple days early so it was actual more like a week of camping. Normally Jace and I "tent it" but this year a good friend of ours let us use his camper. It was soooo nice, especially with having Jaxton! We had a great time and we enjoyed visting with family!

On our way there...

First time having a sucker! MESSY MESSY!

Hanging out with Cousin Bri...

Jace's new riding gear he got from Fathers Day! (Lookin good Jace!)

As you can tell this is going to be along post! Only a couple days after we left the Killiam reunion we headed of to my moms family reunion. We went up to my parents cabin and just relaxed and visited! My mom had prepared some fun activies such as a talent show and her version of the "Amazing Race". I never get to see this side of the family so it made it expecially fun!

2nd cousins and only 5 days apart

The babies got ALOT of attention!

Grandpa with his grandsons

Jaxton's Great Grandpa

All the girls

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