Saturday, February 6, 2010

Latest Happenings - Picture Overload

This last week Jace officially started his internship. He is really liking it. I think he is just enjoying the fact that he can actually do what he has been studying. He feels that it is a challenge and that it will take a while to get a hang of it, but that is what he enjoys about it. I took a picture of Jace on his first day. We laugh because it is so weird to see him dressed up to go to work and not in Carhartts and boots.

We have made really good friends here. Jace works with two of the men that live in our same apartment building so on the weekends we often times get together and play games. This is so nice for me because one of the families have a a little boy just 2 months older then Jaxton. Jaxton and the little boy play the whole time we are playing games. Here are some pictures of all of us playing games including Jaxton and Lijah.

As you can tell they destroy the place in a matter of minutes!!

Since Jace has been working Jaxton and I have a lot of alone time. This has been fun for me because I get to watch him turn into a little toddler. He is ALL boy and he loves to climb on to everything, throw everything, and get into everything!! He trys to copy what Jace and I do and he is even trying to say a few things. I love these pictures of him because it shows his little personality!

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