Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Sorry this is a long...

So we officially have 3 weeks left until we head back to Idaho. I am feeling a little bitter sweet about the end coming so soon.  I am anxious to get into a place that is bigger then 300 sq ft., I am ready to have Jaxton sleeping in his crib, not on the couch, I am ready for a place that doesnt have so many mice, and I am ready to not live out of boxes! On the other hand I will miss the wonderful weather, the friends we have made, all the places to go running(parks), never being bored, all the places to go shopping, and all the time I get with my Jaxton. Moving here has been such a great experience for Jace and I. We have depended on each other for everything and that has brought us closer together. We would definately do it all over again!

This next month is full of big decisions! In January Jace applied to five different graduate programs hoping not only for a acceptance letter but a scholarship to go with it. Jace has worked really hard to get good grades and especially hard to get a good GMAT (test taken to get into graduate school) score.He has so far had a 4.0 at BYU Idaho and recieved an above average score on the GMAT test. Four out of the five schools have all accepted him and and possibly five out of five, we just havent heard back from one of them. Also he has recieved great scholarships from most of them. So now we are just waiting to hear from the company he is interning for, for possible a job offer. The company Jace is interning for lets you work part time while your getting your masters, so that would be a great option for us. One of the schools he applied for is Denver University and they accepted him and gave him a scholarship so if the company offers a job we would already have school lined up.The other schools he applied for were University of Idaho, University of Utah, Utah State University, & BYU.  They are definitely cheaper then DU and with the scholarships given by some of them it would be the less expensive road to take. We are still waiting for some answers but we are hoping by April we will know what we are doing this fall. This is something Jace and I have talked about since we have gotten married and now we are right in the thick of things and starting to see the end of the tunnel. I am so proud of Jace and how hard he has worked to get this far. I am confident whatever path we choose will be the right one for our family but until we make the decision I am going to be a worry wart!!!


Cody and Jill said...

Whit, that is Great jace is doing so well and you have so many choices and you guys will make the right choice. only three weeks left i bet you are ready to come home to go old Idaho!

Nikki & Hal said...

If you guys decide on U of U you can come live by us in Layton. We have alot of houses in our ward for sell. ;)Good luck though, it will all work out.