Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Weekend

        This weekend has been very busy but alot of fun! On Friday Jaxton and I colored some eggs. I have to say that I remember this experience so different as a child. I never realized how messy it was! Thanks mom for doing it and never acting like it was a big deal! :) I let Jaxton paint the eggs but eventually he got sick of that and wanted to eat it instead, the shell including. The pictures of the eggs are not cute but not to bad considering Jaxton was helping. When Jace got home later that evening we went to a really neat indoor swimming pool. Jaxton loved it and even went on the big water slide with Jace. Jaxton is fearless and sometimes that make things alot of fun and other times it scares me to death. 

   Then on Saturday we watched conference with of our friends and had a dinner together.  It was probably the last time we will all get together before we all move so we all enjoyed it! One of the couples there has a cute little dog named Daisy. Jaxton followed her everywhere saying "puppy" and "woof woof"! When I was going through my pictures I realized that they were together in every one of them.   
And finally today we were invited to Jace's bosses house for dinner and conference. So in the morning we did our little Easter celebrations. Jaxton was so much fun this year because he was interested in the eggs and in the Easter basket. He loves Mickey Mouse and anything puppy so that is why we got him those instead of a bunny. Here are some pictures of Jaxton in his Easter outfit and his basket.

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A Piece of the Petersons said...

Whit, ur little boy is so stinkin' cute... I show everyone his pictures!! Brooke loves looking at him, she cant believe how much he looks like u guys.. DARLING!! It looks like u guys had a good easter... Cant wait to see more pics