Wednesday, April 28, 2010

All about Jaxton

I wanted to post about my sweet but crazy Jaxton. Jace and I are really enjoying Jaxton right now. He is almost 17 months and so full of it! He is always making us laugh and always keeping us on our toes. Here are somethings that Jaxton is doing right now.

  • Says mama, daddy, dayday (dayton), puppy, papa, shoes, toes, ears, eyes, woof woof, quack quack, ba bye, hi, guck (truck), num num, ball, no no... thats all I can remember at the moment!
  • Blows kisses, puts his arms up and grunts when we say muscles, puts his hands straight up when we say touchdown, waves ba bye, sticks his tongue out when we say "Where's your tongue?", Points to ears, nose, and toes when asked, dances everytime music comes on, even cellphone ringtones.
  • Loves BALLS! They are definately his favorite toys.
  • Loves cartoons, Mickey Mouse is still his favorite. Kung Fu Panda is right up there too!
  • Good Eater when not teething.
  • Has 10 teeth working on 2 more right now. Thank you Tylenol!
  • Wants to do everything we do.
  • Climbs into and onto everthing.
  • Pulls everything out of the cabinets and drawers.
  • Loves to hide in dark closets and rooms. (Fearless)
  • Goes to time out when asked and usually with a smile (I know we need to fix that but he doesnt do it again so it seems to work)
  • Loves books, mainly he loves to flip through the pages, not patient enough to be read to
  • Folds his arms and says amen.
I am sure there is more I could say but today these are the things that come to mind. Here are some pictures of the little "booger"!


ACDC said...

I showed Kenzie the pictures! She said Ja-Ja :) I can't believe he has 10 teeth!!!!!! AHHHHHH Kenzie finally has 6! Three on the top two on the bottom and 1 molar HAHAHA its pretty funny.

Melanie said...

You forgot tickle tickle! Love the dryer pics. What is it with boys playing in the dryer? Wyatt always takes his cars, trucks, and balls in there and will play there forever.

Ryan and Jessica said...

Hey! I can't believe how big he is getting. McKree was so fun at that age I loved it, and than I swear in 1 day he turned into a monster so have fun while it lasts. We need to get together soon before you leave again. Hope everything is going good for you guys. Give me a call sometime. Hope to see you soon!

Ryan and Jessica said...

Oh BTW your sewing project looks awesome. Super cute. Good job.