Wednesday, April 28, 2010

"If Only It Was As Easy As It Looked!"

               For Christmas I was given a sewing machine. I was so excited and could not wait to get started. Needless to say I haven't really had anything to do with a sewing machine since 8th grade, home ec class. So my skills were definately little rusty. When I recieved the machine I was super excited to take it to Denver because I figured it would give me something to work on. Well, I didnt know that are apartment would be under 300 square feet and that I would have to tip toe around during Jaxtons naps. There was just no way I would be able to sew while Jaxton napped like I had hoped. I tried to not let that discourage me to much and just sewed when Jace was home or used my neighbors apartment while Jax napped. So to may a long story short I finished my first project. It took 3 months and lots of frustrated moments but I did it. Here is the adorable bag that looks great from a distance and not so great up close! :) For all those that I have seen create masterpieces with there sewing machine I say to you "If only it was as easy as it looked!"

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Melanie said...

Super super cute! I can't wait for you to move back and we will have big sewing parties while the guys watch the kiddos. haha! More realistically we will let the kids play while we sew and the guys are at work, but we can always try. Hey, email me your address so I can finally invite you to our blog.