Sunday, April 18, 2010

We're Back

     So we finally arrived home after 2 days & 10 hours of traveling. It is so nice to be home and in Idaho!  Jace and I are not able move into our apartment until Monday so we are spending the weekend with family. This is a temporary move since we have decided to go back to Colorado in September. That's right Jace was offered a job and he has decided to attend Denver University. We are really excited about this decision and feel that it is definitely the right place for us to be. We will not be living downtown Denver when we return we will be living close to Jace's work in Englewood. This is a really nice part of Colorado and I am really excited about it. Jace will go to school full time and work part time at the firm for a year and then he will graduate with a Masters and work full time. Its not over yet, he then will spend another year studying and taking the CPA tests. Jace has a lot still a head of him but so much behind him! We are super excited for this next step and even more excited that we know where we will be for a few years or maybe even more. 

     I want to apologize right now for how my posts might be for the summer. I was very diligent on my blog the last 3 months for my families sake. I wanted them to see all the things we were doing while we were in Denver and especially Jaxton and his growth. Now that we are here I have a feeling I might not do as well so sorry ahead of time if I become a slacker. 


*The Grahams* said...

We are glad you made it home safe and that so many opportunities opened up for you guys there! Congrats

Shane & Torey said...

Congrats! just fyi we are moving to greeley which is about 30 mins from denver so we might have to get together and do something lol!