Sunday, April 11, 2010

We love the Cooks

          I realized that I have hardly posted anything about out really good friends the Cooks. We met them back in our old ward in Rexburg. When we met Ashley Cook and I were both very pregnant and due only 6 weeks apart. After the babies were born we started to hang out together and then shortly after that they moved to Colorado. I feel that meeting them was a HUGE blessing. After our arrival here I felt very stressed on how I would ever make it 13 long weeks. Ashley soon came to my rescue! With many shopping trips, swimming adventures, and long talks I felt like I never wanted to leave Denver. She has truly made my experience here so much fun. I now consider her one of my best friends and so grateful that Heavenly Father sent her my way. I always tell her that I have needed her so much more then she will ever need me and I hope someday I can repay her for all she has done! Because it is our last Sunday here, Ashley and Derek invited us over for dinner. We had steak, potatoes, and home made rolls and home made apple crisp (thanks to Ashley). It was so yummy! Then we went the a near by park and let the kids run around. The park was so nice and the weather was great too. Thanks Cooks for all the fun times! 

Jaxton wishes this was open...

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Kelli said...

We totally know the Cooks. Derek was neighbors with my husband Jared and we were all in the same ward. In fact, Derek was the one who got Jared to ask me to Prom when we were in high school (Jared didn't really care about dating). So for our first date we went on a double date with Derek to Prom. Tell them hi for us!