Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Jaxton's 18 Month Pictures

I can't believe this sweet little guy ....

Looks like this now!!!!

My little man is 18 months old and so fun to have around. He is
full of personality and loves to make people laugh. My sister inlaw Lindsey took these pictures and I love them!! I had a hard time not putting all of them up.  We had so much fun driving around Rexburg and letting Jaxton go and do anything he wanted.  Thanks Linds!! (Click on her name to see her photography blog)

He was so mad when he was splashed with water by the water toys, he just wanted his ball!!

As soon as I retrieved his ball he forgot all about being wet.


A Piece of the Petersons said...

Ohhh! and what a cute little boy he is!!!!!

Luke and Marissa said...

Thank you so much for leaving that comment. Good to know she wasn't supposed to do anything to the bottom lashes. I totally love these extensions. I agree, I love waking up to lashes that look like they already have mascara. It's awesome!

Leslie and Tyson said...

Seriously, he is beautiful! (handsome rather)