Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Brother From Another Mother"

"A Brother From Another Mother"
Jace has said this to Dayton (my little brother) for as long as I can remember. Dayton would even go to school and tell kids that Jace was his brother from another mother. Now that Jaxton is older it is very apparent that Dayton is Jaxtons "brother from another mother." Jaxton loves "Day Day" (as Jax would say) and wants to do whatever he does. Dayton is so patient with him and even invites him to play with his friends. I am feeling a little emotional talking about Dayton because the thought came to me that I may of never known him. I am so  grateful that my parents followed the promptings to adopt. Dayton completes our family and I can not image our life without him. I know that Dayton will probably look at this once he hears that he is the main attraction of the post so I want him to know that I love him! ..Dayton is probably the best talker I know. He can talk up a storm and more times then not his sentences start with "Guess What?" He is a huge tease and very often he will have the whole family in tears laughing at the randomness and adultlike words that come out of his mouth. Today we went to the spash park in Rexburg and I wanted to share some pics of Dayton and Jaxton.

He thought he was hilarious when he posed for this pic.


This is what Jaxton is usually doing when Dayton is with his friends. He thinks they are amazing!

While we were at the park I saw one of my most favorite people..... Carlee (Stone) Francis and her adorable baby. Carlee and I got to know each other my senior year of High School. Carlee is so sweet, so smart, and so much fun to be around. I really enjoyed visiting with her today and I hope her the best!


Brittney and Zach Lundgreen said...

So adorable he is growing up so fast. You look so great I miss you lots hope things are going greAt.

Kurt and Lynlee said...

This is a really sweet post. There always is that special bond with family members that you cannot really explain other than you just know you were meant to be together. I like the pictures, and I must say you look really good.

A Piece of the Petersons said...

Oh Whit.. Those pictures are soooo cute! That is so sweet that ur brother is that cute and patient with him! -Whit
P.S. You look amazing! You have always been beautiful. But I think since you became a mommy you are even more beautiful! Every picture you post, you look like your glowing :)

McKay & Carlee Francis said...

Oh Whitney it was sooo fun to see you and your handsome little boy! I am sad you will be gone soon but you will have so much fun:) I wish I would have known you were in Rexburg this whole time, but maybe we can still get together this month sometime. Jaxton and Dayton are so cute together also....that's so fun they get along well.